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Smart Thermostat Project: GLOW


This initiative was part of the 2nd Year project at Imperial College (IC). The idea of working on a smart thermostat prototype was submitted by two other students and myself. Another 4 students also joined the team, attracted by the project idea. My motivation to work on such product came from observing common household thermostats unable to cope with the important transformations affecting global and local energy production, distribution and consumption. Other products have and are currently being worked on by a few real companies, but the idea for us was to offer a unique personalized experience to to the user, relying on social and economic principles to save energy.

Dr. Jeremy Pitt, Deputy Head of the Intelligent Systems and Networks Group at IC and active researcher in Smart Meter technology, chose to support us throughout this project, regularly offering technical and methodical advice during meetings with the team.

Personal Implication

My job was mainly based on coordinating work being done by team members and leading meetings and discussions. This included project planning, work distribution based on skills and motivation of team members, setting objectives and deadlines to the team, with the team. On the technological side of things, I was involved in building the website for GLOW. The website not only aims at describing our product in an accessible way, it also plays a role it the operation of the thermostat as each registered user enters details about household and energy tariff onto the website. This lead me to work with HTML, CSS, php and SQL.


The project also involved work in:

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