Theo Franquet

Embedded Battery Management Systems at Natron Energy - San Francisco Bay Area

EE(E) Masters - Imperial College London

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I am a recent Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) graduate from Imperial College London, with big ambitions to work on challenging and meaningful projects through various applications in my field. I invite you to explore the rest of this page to learn more about some of my works in the past few years and read on my technical educational background.

:mag: Research

I have undergone undergraduate research in the summer of 2016 at Imperial College London’s Control and Power research group on future horizon vehicle velocity estimation using artificial neural networks [Project Description]:

Repo is available here.

My final year thesis delves into the integration of large-scale energy storage systems into modern energy market structures. More specifically, the paper proposes an optimal bidding strategy model for battery storage with the consideration of life-time degradation [Paper]

The project was supervised by Dr Fei Teng, EEE Department, Imperial College London.

Key words and resources: Ancillary services, Battery chemistry, Aging cost model, Optimization, Python programming

:mortar_board: Education

I am a recent EEE graduate from Imperial College London. Recent courses and areas of interests belong to the fields of:

- Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning

Declarative programming (Prolog)
Search algorithms (e.g. two player games)
Formal logic
Knowledge representation and automated reasoning

Linear Regression
Gradient Descent
Feature transformation
Cross Validation
Neural Networks
Random Forests
Image Classification

- Control Systems and Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra (complete MIT 18.06 content)
State Space system representation
System Trajectory, Motion, Equilibrium and Stability analysis
Reachability and Controllability
Observability and Reconstructability
Design tools
Optimization Algorithmics

- Electrical Energy Systems

Grid scale load flow analysis (Gauss-Seidel method...)
Fault analysis (Single/Three phase system, Balanced/Unbalanced fault)
Electrical Energy Markets
Wind/Solar/Microgrid Systems

:electric_plug: Hardware & Robotics

:computer: Firmware & Software

:briefcase: Work Experience

Semiconductors Industry

I have worked for 3 months for ST Microelectronics Singapore over the summer of 2015, my work there involved:

Renewables & Energy Storage Industry

My industrial placement, undergone in liaison with Imperial College London, was spent working for 6 months at Natron Energy (formerly Alveo Energy), in Santa Clara, CA. Natron Energy is a battery start up introducing revolutionary low cost energy storage solutions using a new cell technology based on inexpensive Prussian blue analogue electrodes and a sodium-ion electrolyte. My work here includes:

:memo: Personal Writing

A mix of curiosity and ambition towards the transition to sustainable energy production and management in today’s society has led me to start writing a collection of 3 short articles on the topic of renewable energy integration and dynamics in the non-scientific world. A lot of technological ground has been covered in the sector of fossil fuel alternatives. However, it is only now that those technologies are starting to attract major interest of governments, research groups and financial investments thanks to an increasing combination of mainstream environmental concern, technology affordability and scientific advances. These three articles will give an insight on the political, mediatic and financial facets of the matter.